Download Movietube For Different Platforms

There are days where one must wait for a week or so to watch on TV. But, the days started rising on that generation and now Mobile Phone application ruling the world entertainment market after the movie theatres. Even though the TV have their own importance in the entertainment field but the main problem with them is compatibility, space consuming etc. The solutions for this problem is derived from the Smartphone market, even the mobile phone has a great revolution in its specifications, looks and so on. Now, this Smartphone market has led jobs for android application builders. There are tons of applications in android play store, though they are categorized but finding what you need in them will test your patience. But the movies streaming applications are listed only few according to their performance in the smart phones. Due to this they are only few categorized as the best of all in the play store. One among them is MovieTube.


MovieTube is a movie streaming application, where there are different options as well. You can watch TV series as well with the new and updated movie and TV series trailers. There are bunch of collections from MovieTube team which starts from 1970’s.

MovieTube is available for different platforms like IOS, windows and android. You can download this for Pc as well. Organizing the movies on MovieTube is very easy where you can easily share, flag and watch it on YouTube.

Below are the ways for MovieTube Download at different platforms.

 MovieTube download for android:

Step1: You need to go to the settings in your android phone.

Step2: Go to ‘security’ and if ‘unknown sources’ are un-ticked then tick it, because it can block the installation procedure if it is not ticked.

Step3: Download MovieTube.apk file from their website.

Step4: After downloading apk file, start installing it.

MovieTube download for Pc:

You all might know how to install it in android, IOS, blackberry etc. but this smart generation has taken to next level of internet. Installing android applications into your PC is the new way of using android apps in Pc. Android emulator is one thing which makes this impossible possible. This can help you to install the android based apps on your windows PC.

There are some simple steps involved for downloading and installing android based applications on your PC. Installing this doesn’t need any technical knowledge and even a normal PC user can even understand, download and install it.

Step1: Download and install the BlueStacks emulator from the internet.

Step2: Download the MovieTube.apk from their website.

Step3: Open the content folder, right click on the file and click on ‘open with’ and select BlueStacks.

Step4: You need to wait for few seconds until it is installed and after installing you get a notification on bottom-right of your desktop.

Step5: Restart the BlueStacks application and then select MovieTube. Now, you can watch the movie and stuff for free and on the go as well with its download feature.


Final verdict:

This application is loved by millions in the world and having good features compared to its competitors with some awful features like download option and so on.

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Watch Movies With The Showbox App

You would certainly agree that the world has moved a long way in terms of technology and innovation. There happened to be a time when watching a black and white movie in a small theatre was a big deal. But today? Let alone theatre, you can watch perfect HD quality movies in the grip of your hand in that very portable smartphone of yours.

Smartphones do no good without its applications or apps. Mobile apps have made lives simpler. There is virtually an app for almost anything you could ask for, today. Can’t wake up in the morning despite the alarm clock? They have an app for you. Want to learn exercise techniques on your own without visiting a trainer? They have an app for you. Almost for everything!

So having an app to watch movies in your smartphone is no big a surprise then. But there are hundreds of movie apps out there on the roads. How do you know which one’s really good? Let me pick you one. Go for the Show Box app.

ShowBox is that one amazing movie streaming app that enhances your movie experience like no other.  Not movies alone, you also find your favourite TV series.Itsone of the best apps in its field. Yes, I am not exaggerating. Read on to know why.

ShowBox is different from other other apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime because ShowBox is absolutely free. Moreover, you don’t require any login details. With its veritable features, ShowBox makes searching and streaming movies easier.

As you enter the Homepage don’t be surprised to see the awesome visuals and the amazing design. The interface of ShowBox is something that will definitely catch your eyes. Being neither too opulent nor very simple, it provides a user friendly interface that can be easily operated on without much of technical knowledge. The different options like the Menu bar, the search option, the favourites option have been cleanly adorned on to the display. Choose any movie according to your genre or the year of release.


Apart from interface, another striking feature of Show Box is its huge collection of movies and TV series. The Ant Man, Minions, The Lost World, Dead of Winter, Avengers Age of Ultron? You name almost any movie, ShowBox has it all for you and that too in great quality. Go about watching your favourite TV shows from Game of Thrones to Breaking bad anytime anywhere in ShowBox. You also get to find old classics like The Fountain Man in ShowBox which you won’t find anywhere not even in Kickass or torrents. The database gets constantly updated to give you the ultimate experience.

Availability of videos is not the only concern. You would definitely want to watch good quality videos. ShowBox has the best quality videos from 360p to 720p and you can choose one according to your net speed or bandwidth.

You are less likely to find the ShowBox app in Google playstore and you need to download the .apk file from external sources. SHOWBOX is available for Android, PC, Laptop, iPhone and iPad, Macbook, Kindle Fire, Chromecast, XBox and Blackberry.


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The Presumptuous Spread Of The Olive Garden Lunch Menu

Olive Garden, one of the foremost American- Italian chain of restaurants around the world is a home away from home. It’s a casual dining restaurant chain spreading all over the globe. With great deals, happy hours, affordable pricing and an array of choices; it is the ultimate paradise for foodies. It reminds the words of J.R.R. Tolkien, “if more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”

Lunch  is an important gastronomical part of our lives. We tend to select an affordable option for this. Olive Garden Lunch Menu comes to play a major role in this selection. There is a happy hour till 4pm on weekdays (Monday to Friday) where you get delicious meals at handful prices. The menu card reads:

  • Soup, Salad & Breadsticks Combo at  99$:Offering an array of soups  – Pasta Fagioli, Minestrone, Zuppa Toscana,  Chicken & Gnocchi.  A handful 2.99$ & 3.49$ will upgrade the salad toan  antipasti Italian Meats & Cheese and  Grilled Chicken 3.49$ respectively.
  • Create Your Own Salad Combo : This constitutes of 2 Choices.
  1. 1.The unlimited soup or salad plus ( + ), titled under “choose 1” at a price of 6.99$.
  2. 3 options in “choose 2”:
  3. The first one comprising – Tri Colored Vegetable Penne & Basil Garlic Marinara, Spaghetti Meat Sauce Mini Pasta Bowl, Italian Meatball Bread Stick Sandwich with French Fries, Crispy Risotto Bites; at 6.99$.

a.The second one includes – Chicken Parmigiana Bread Stick

Sandwich with French fries,nItalian Mac and Cheese Pasta Bowl,

Fettuccine Alfred Pasta Bowl Mini, MediterraneanFlat Bread,

Tortellini El Forno Pasta Bowl Mini;  at 7.99$.

  • The third option lists : Grilled Chicken Flat Bread, Giant Sausage Stuffed Rigatoni Mini Pasta Bowl, Pepperoni and Sausage Flat Bread; at 8.99$.
  • Light Entries of 575 calories or below : This is for the health conscious people; comprising – Citrus Chicken Sorrentoat 11.49 $, Garlic Rosemary Chicken priced at 10.99 $,Ravioli di Portobello priced at 9.79 $,Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad priced at 10.49 $.
  • Kids Meal Combo : Customized for children constituting anentre, sides and drinks. Comes in combinations of sauces and toppings.

The Entre section lists – Macaroni & Cheese (2 sides) at 5.69 $, Cheese

or Pepperoni Pizza at 5.69 $, Cheese Ravioli at 5.69 $, Chicken Fingers

& Pasta at 5.69 $,n Cheese Tortelloni at 5.69 $, Chicken Parmigana

Bread stick Sandwich at 6.69 $, Italian Meatball Bread Stick Sandwich

at 6.69 $.

Create your own pasta section has a choice of pasta (at 5.69$), sauces

and toppings (foran extra 1$). The pasta range has Fettuccine,

Spaghetti, Cavatappi, Small Shells, Whole wheat Linguine.

Tomato, Meat Sauce and Alfredo- are the variety in sauces; and

Meatball, Italian Sausage, Grilled Chicken and Shrimp – are those in



In Sides – Grapes, Steamed Broccoli and Secret Side are available

Drinks include 1% low fat milk, 1% Low fat chocolate milk, raspberry

lemonade and  fruit juice.

Overall, the Olive Garden Lunch Menu provides a sustainable lunch option to people.

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Showbox- Defining Newer Dimensions In Video Streaming

Sitting home on a lazy Sunday afternoon with nothing important to come up with? Well, movies can be a great possibility for such idle moments. Go about watching your favorite movies or series anytime anywhere because SHOWBOX has it all for you. SHOWBOX is that one amazing video streaming app which once tried, you would find it really difficult to say a “no” to.

This app serves both your purposes of watching and downloading videos(be it movies or TV shows) of superior quality and that too absolutely free. Now this is something you would surely like to switch to.

SHOWBOX has amazing features that easily fetches you  the movie you are looking for.  Being concerned of individual’s different taste of genres, variety, year of release, the app developers have included several Filter options. Now finding a movie that fits your taste is something very easy. ShowBox is absolutely hassle-free unlike few other similar apps and the content shows up without much delay or loading problems.

SHOWBOX comes with a huge database of almost all the movies anyone could have asked for. Wanting to watch Iron Man, Minions, Avengers Age of Ultron, Troy, Godfather be it of any release time, open the app and enjoy them streaming at the touch of your fingers. Well it’s not movies alone, even your favourite TV SHOWS can be streamed effortlessly. So you need not wait to watch your cherished episodes of Game of Thrones, Friends, How I met Your Mother, Sherlock, Arrow, The Flash, The Walking Dead and what not. What makes SHOWBOX take an edge over other video streaming apps is that it has an amazing collection of old classics too.

So the next time you set your heart on watching something as ‘The Fountain Head’, SHOWBOX is the one word that should ring in your mind.

Video availability being not the only concern, video quality is also another exciting aspect that can never be disregarded. As against other similar websites like Solar movie or Putlocker which have a lot of issues related to video quality or run image, SHOWBOX eases things for you. With full information against your searched video, you choose any quality according to your bandwidth right from 360p to 720p.


Being neither opulent nor very simple, the interface of ShowBox is very appealing. As you open the homepage, you are directed to the movies section where you can carry on unlimited scrolling, in case you don’t have any specific movies in mind. It is conveniently adorned with the menu button at the top, search buttons  and options button displayed from left to right. Switch to the TV SHOWS  option, if you are in look for TV series. If you are willing to enjoy your favorite movie on some later date, bookmark it under the favorites section. On clicking a movie, you will be directed to the movie graphic page where you can choose to watch it then or download it. Remember that during the first time, you will be asked to select a default video app for streaming and be very careful in it. Because once chosen, all videos will be played by this video player only.

Can’t wait  to download the app? All you need is to get hold of the .apk format of SHOWBOX. But interestingly, you might not  find it in Playstore in-case of which download it from external sources. SHOWBOX is also available for PC, Laptop, iPhone  and iPad, Macbook, Kindle Fire, Chromecast, XBox and Blackberry.

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Pompadour – Redefining Style!

They say that the first impression is the best impression and in a world where an individual’s appearance plays a critical role in creating a flawless first impression, compromising on general grooming and appearance can be detrimental to some people, especially those whose careers depend on it. While most careers do not have aesthetic requirements, it is still advisable to maintain a decent appearance, not only for others, but also to instill a sense of confidence in oneself. After all, a well-dressed person will instantly exude an aura of confidence after glancing at the mirror and this confidence is hard to miss by the rest of the people. Appearance is dependent on various factors which include dressing, grooming, hygiene and so on but one critical factor that contributes to an impeccable appearance is a good hairstyle! This is exactly why we have hairstylists who cater to our needs by grooming our hair day in and day out. The hair grooming industry, much like the fashion industry is a constantly evolving one, where new styles keep replacing outdated ones on a daily basis. Let us talk about one particular style that emerged as a popular trend in the 1700s: Pompadour!


Originally named after the mistress of King Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour, this attractive style involves sweeping one’s hair upwards from the face and wearing it high over the forehead. It has numerous variations and one can also keep one’s hair upswept near the sides and back too. Mostly popular among women, this style was in vogue intermittently, until one musician dared to adopt it in the 1950s and it suddenly went on to become a male trend too. Yes, the male version of this style was flaunted by none other than the rock and roll god Elvis Presley.

Having proven itself as a versatile haircut, we have two types of this style; Classic and Angular/Extreme. The former gives a more refined look to the face while the latter tends to add a tinge of rawness and edge. If done well, it can give a very appealing look to the face and this fact has been proven by handsome hunks like David Beckham, Zac Efron and Sean Penn. However it is known to add to the appearance of rounder faces and it is advisable to think twice before going for the extreme look as it may not suit every face structure.


Clearly, this haircut is timeless and redefines the word ‘attractive’. However, one disadvantage is that it is high maintenance and requires constant styling and trimming on the sides. However, when the final product is this attractive, isn’t the maintenance factor a small price to pay?

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