Marijuana Legalization and Decriminalization

? McCain opposes the legalization of marijuana.

? He opposes the use of marijuana for medical purposes and
supports the continuation of federal raids on medical
marijuana patients.
When asked in April 2007 if he would end the federal raids on
medical marijuana patients he answered, "I will let states
decide that issue."

? He believes that marijuana is a 'gateway drug' and leads to
use of harder, more harmful drugs.

? Concerning medical marijuana McCain stated in September of
2007, "Every medical expert I know of, including the AMA
(American Medical Association), says that there are much more
effective and much better treatments for pain than medical
marijuana...I still would not support medical marijuana
because I don't think that the preponderance of medical
opinion in America agrees with [the] assertion that it's the
most effective way of treating pain."

? McCain strongly supports prison expansion initiatives to
cope with the rising number of convicted criminals, including
drug related crimes.

? He strongly supports fighting the war on drugs
internationally and would advocate more money and military
assistance to drug-supplying nations such as Colombia to stop
the flow of drugs into the US.  He recently commended Mexican
president Felipe Calderon for his cooperation with America in
drug prosecutions. "He's a good man, for the first time in
history he extradited drug dealers to the U.S."

? McCain supports the death penalty for drug kingpins.

• Obama has publicly admitted to using illegal drugs in
the past. ?"Junkie. Pothead. That?s where I?d been headed: the
final, fatal role of the young would-be black man",? he wrote
in his 1995 book, 'Dreams of my Father.'?

• He believes that if the best way to relieve pain and
suffering is through use of medicinal marijuana then it's
something 'he's open to'.

• According to Barack Obama, if marijuana is necessary
for medical purposes there should be no restrictions on its
use, especially if it is meant to relieve people from pain.

• Obama states thus "I would not have the Justice
Department prosecuting and raiding medical marijuana users.
It's not a good use of our resources."

• Barack Obama stated during the 2008 campaign that he
would open a Drug Enforcement Agency Office in the New Orleans
to stop drug gangs across the region. 

• Obama says, "We can assume that with lawful work
available for young men now in the drug trade, crime in any
community would drop."

• He feels that as long as marijuana is prescribed by
physicians for medical purposes, especially for relieving the
pain of cancer and glaucoma patients it can be considered
legal. It should not allow people set up their own plantations
or start shops to sell this freely. This would pose a threat
and make it very difficult to control. Obama also mentioned
that he would not punish the doctors who prescribe marijuana
to patients.

• Obama believes the disparity between sentencing crack
and powder-based cocaine is wrong and should be completely

• Barack Obama says that he would give the first-time
non-violent offenders a chance to repent while serving their
sentence by putting them into rehabilitation programs that are
designed exclusively to change bad behaviors.

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