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How Does Industrial Painting Contractors Insulating Commercial and Residential Facilities?

Industrial painting contractors were once the only way to go for any paint job. With most companies moving to prefabricated buildings and modular homes, contractors just couldn’t compete with them for the cost of labor and material. They also weren’t used to doing jobs that were on the larger scale, such as painting commercial structures. But now that there is an opportunity for any company to save money by using prefabricated units instead of traditional buildings, they are going to do what they can to take advantage of it.

One of the more popular types of products that they are using is vinyl replacement. Vinyl is similar to some paints you might use yourself and can be used on almost any surface. It’s popular in industrial painting services, because it is one of the easiest products to work with. It doesn’t take the same amount of time to apply it as other types of products, and it doesn’t have the same kind of fumes associated with oil-based products. The best industrial painters have a couple of favorite products they recommend you look into.

Tank Linings There are two primary uses for tank vinyl replacement: internal repair and exterior coating. In internal repair jobs, it is used to cover a leak or other damage to the inside of a pipe. You can buy it in many different thicknesses and coatings, depending on the location of the problem and the size of the hole. When you call industrial painting contractors for a tank lining job, they will be able to give you a few different options to choose from.

For an exterior coating job on a building or other structure, the contractors will likely recommend a high-gloss paint over paint designed for interior use. They typically suggest a paint that has been approved by the Department of Transportation for driving trucks. This high-gloss coating protects against chips, cracks, and gouges that might occur in an area of the building that is not regularly painted. The industrial painting contractor can also guide you to a suitable coating for your specific structure.

When you call industrial painting contractors for help with these coatings, they will often give you examples of other coatings that might be appropriate. Many industrial buildings have vinyl windows, and industrial paint will work on those as well. There are different types of paints made specifically for commercial buildings, residential homes, and for underground locations. It pays to research coatings before you contact industrial painters to find out which one is right for your needs.

Concrete In many cases, industrial painting contractors will be able to install insulated concrete panels around silos or other areas that can suffer from temperature changes. They will need to be qualified and experienced to do this, however. In order to insulate a space with concrete, it takes a concrete lining that is insulated to seal the seams of the paneling. There are different ways to insulate a concrete panel, including embedding polystyrene beads into the paneling, which is more expensive but adds extra insulation to the space. Another method involves pouring polystyrene into a space, leaving it to dry, and then sealing it with polystyrene. Either method adds an extra layer of insulation to a commercial or residential facility that can reduce energy costs and improve comfort.


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